CAKE Worlds One Design Race

CAKE Worlds One Design Race

CAKE presents the CAKE Worlds One Design Race, the international competition with the electric all-road bikes of the Swedish CAKE

CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight off-road electric motorcycles, has announced the birth of a brand new global electric motorcycle racing series: the CAKE Worlds One Design Race. Building on the success of the CAKE Kalk One Design Race of 2021, the CAKE Worlds Race 2022 will be a global celebration of two-wheeled electric racing, consisting of four events. The main event, CAKE Worlds Del Mar presented by West Coast EV, will take place at the scenic Del Mar Fairgrounds, north of San Diego, CA, during the last weekend of April.

“CAKE One Design Worlds is an initiative to promote inclusive, quiet and eco-sustainable racing in the aftermath of the closures of racing tracks in the last 15 years due to noise and pollution. Thanks to the light, snappy and torque-rich bikes, the format that has been developed will be exciting and intense both for the riders as well as for the public and the media, ”says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.
In addition to involving some of the best athletes in the world, it is truly gratifying to have Fox Racing as a partner, joining CAKE, on this journey into the future. This initiative represents a new opportunity for electric motocross currently in full expansion, and will attract already established riders as well as new talents in the sport ”.

The CAKE Worlds race is a One Design race in which all riders will compete using the same bike: the Kalk OR Race. There will be two main competitions at each event. In the CAKE Worlds Invitational Race, professional riders from various two-wheeled disciplines will compete against each other, in a 4X format, by invitation. In addition to this, Cake will be offering anyone, regardless of their two-wheeled background, to sign up for a chance to prove their worth in the CAKE Worlds Open Championship.
It's about competing for a chance to represent your country in the CAKE Worlds Finals, which will be held later this year at Fox Raceway in Pala, California. This democratization of motorcycle racing is new to the industry and is fully in line with Cake's motto of making electric racing truly available to all.

The first CAKE Worlds race of 2022 will take place in Del Mar, CA. Over the course of two days, visitors will be able to experience the latest and greatest electric two-wheeled vehicles firsthand, see the pros competing in the North American Invitational Championship up close, and sign up for a chance to race for championship glory. North American Open. The winner of each category will automatically enter the CAKE Worlds Finals in Pala, CA, and will be able to take home a brand new CAKE Makka Flex motorcycle - the latest member of the Cake family of two-wheeled urban vehicles. Admission for spectators will be free. 

CAKE Worlds One Design Race
The final ranking of the 2022 edition

The format of the CAKE Worlds Race 2022

The CAKE Worlds Race 2022 is a world-wide championship that consists of four events, the first of which is hosted at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, north of San Diego, CA. The CAKE Worlds Race is a One Design 4X format, where men and women race together, using identical bikes, on a track designed directly by CAKE. The event is run in a Round Robin format, where all riders have the opportunity to compete up to the semifinals and finals, which take place in the regular Knock Out format. The winner of the North American Invitational Race will automatically qualify for the finals, which will be held in September this year at Fox Raceway, in Pala, CA. Fox Racing is the official apparel partner of CAKE Worlds.

The CAKE Worlds Race 2022 circuit

The track is custom designed and develops along a narrow, fast and technical course, built to perfectly match the unique qualities of the CAKE Kalk OR Race, the official bike that all riders will use in the CAKE Worlds series. The route is temporary and is designed to be replicated countless times, wherever a CAKE event takes place, both in urban and extra-urban contexts.
Equipped with 280Nm of torque, the CAKE Kalk OR Race is super light yet strong and offers a unique blend of power and low weight that ensures agility and speed on narrow and technical tracks. The Kalk OR Race is sold all over the world and can be purchased directly at, along with other models of the Kalk family of street-legal and off-road bikes, such as the Kalk & and Kalk INK.

Who is CAKE

Cake is a Swedish manufacturer of light, high quality electric motorcycles and mopeds, designed to be exciting but also environmentally friendly and suitable for a zero-emission society.
The model range currently consists of three different platforms: the versatile Kalk offroader, the modular Ösa utility car and the Makka urban commuter. With a wide range of accessories and configurations, Cake caters to a wide array of users and uses, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation.
Along with numerous awards and accolades for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other social challenges, Cake has been identified as one of the world's most innovative Fast Companies in both 2020 and 2021, and has received the Time Award Magazine 100 most important inventions in 2021.

Photo credit: CAKE