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CAKE Worlds One Design Race 2022: the final ranking

CAKE Worlds One Design Race 2022: the final ranking

The first edition of the CAKE Worlds One Design Race ended with the stage of Gotland, Sweden; that's who the winners are.

CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of light off-road electric motorcycles, announced the winners of the CAKE Worlds Race 2022 at the end of the final round of the championship which took place in Tjauls Gård, north of Visby, Sweden. After an intense weekend of racing, which saw the participation of athletes from all over the world, the German top motocross rider Mara Benecke and Mike Giese, US professional mountain bike rider and former professional motocross racer, were CAKE winners. One Design Race.
This is the top 3 female and male at the end of the championship:
Female ranking
1. Mara Benecke (GER)
2. Ashley Fiolek (USA)
3. Sandra Gomez (SPA)
Male ranking
1. Mike Giese (USA)
2. Robert Kvarnstrom (SWE)
3Oskar Olsson (SWE)
In the American round of the CAKE Worlds One Design Race 2022 the professional driver Josh Mosiman was the winner, named North American champion after an entire weekend of racing in Del Mar, California.

The CAKE Kalk OR Race Edition
The CAKE Kalk OR Race Edition

CAKE Worlds is a racing format created to demonstrate how the advantages of Cake's electric motorcycles can transform two-wheel racing, offering an alternative to the decline of fossil fuel-powered racing. The quiet, non-polluting motorcycles run on narrow, spectator-friendly circuits that can be built economically in urban environments, further lowering the entry threshold to the sport.
“CAKE One Design Worlds is an initiative to promote inclusive, quiet and eco-sustainable racing in the aftermath of the track closures in the last 15 years due to noise and pollution. Thanks to the light, snappy and torque-rich bikes, the format that has been developed is exciting and intense both for the riders as well as for the public and the media, ”said Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

The format of the CAKE Worlds Race 2022

The CAKE Worlds Race 2022 is a world championship held in the One Design 4X format, where men and women race together, using identical bikes, the Kalk OR Race, on a track designed directly by CAKE. The event is run in a Round Robin format, where all riders have the opportunity to compete up to the semifinals and finals, which take place in the regular Knock Out format. The winner of the North American Invitational Race automatically qualifies for the finals.

CAKE Worlds Race 2022

The CAKE Worlds Race 2022 circuit

The track is custom designed and develops along a narrow, fast and technical course, built to perfectly match the unique qualities of the CAKE Kalk OR Race, the factory bike that all riders use in the CAKE Worlds series. The route is temporary and is designed to be replicated countless times, wherever a CAKE event takes place, both in urban and extra-urban contexts.
Equipped with 280Nm of torque, the CAKE Kalk OR Race is super light yet strong and offers a unique blend of power and low weight that ensures agility and speed on narrow and technical tracks. The Kalk OR Race is sold all over the world and can be purchased directly on www.ridecake.com, along with other models of the Kalk family of street-legal and off-road motorcycles, such as the Kalk & and Kalk INK.

The CAKE Kalk OR Race Edition
The CAKE Kalk OR Race Edition

Who is CAKE

Cake is a Swedish manufacturer of light, high quality electric motorcycles and mopeds, designed to be exciting but also environmentally friendly and suitable for a zero-emission society.
The model range currently consists of three different platforms: the versatile Kalk offroader, the modular Ösa utility car and the Makka urban commuter. With a wide range of accessories and configurations, Cake caters to a wide array of users and uses, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation.
Along with numerous awards and accolades for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other social challenges, Cake has been identified as one of the world's most innovative Fast Companies in both 2020 and 2021, and has received the Time Award Magazine 100 most important inventions in 2021.

Website: www.ridecake.com
Photo credit: CAKE