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All numbers of MotoE on the eve of the Dutch GP

The third round of the MotoE 2023 at the Sachsenring
The third round of the MotoE 2023 at Sachsenring (photo: MotoGP)

All the numbers to know before the Dutch GP of MotoE in Assen

This weekend, the fourth round of the 2023 season of the MotoE world championship will take place at the Dutch circuit of Assen. Here are all the numbers MotoE on the eve of the Dutch GP.
This is the third time the TT Circuit of Assen hosts the MotoGP electric series and the first time the FIM Enel MotoE World Championship touches down at the venue with its new status and new manufacturer: Ducati.

The records of the Assen circuit

The first time MotoE was at Assen was in 2021, for a single-race round won by Eric Granado ahead of Jordi Torres and Alessandro Zacccone. Last year Assen hosted a double-race round: Race 1 was won by Dominique Aegerter, ahead of Granado and Mattia Casadei, while the winner of Race 2 was Granado, ahead of Aegerter and Casadei.

Fastest race lap1:43.086Eric GRANADO (2022)
All time lap record1:42.676Alessandro ZACCONE (2021)
Pole position 20221:54.028Dominique AEGERTER
Duration Race 1 – 2022 (8 laps)13:55.704Dominique AEGERTER
Duration Race 2 – 2022 (3 laps) (*)5:21.094Eric GRANADO
(*) The original distance was 8 laps, but the red flag on lap four ended the 2022 race.

MotoE World Championship
The standings of the 2023 championship

The statistics of the MotoE

Eight riders have taken podiums in the first three rounds of 2023: Ferrari (4), Torres (4), Garzo (3), Casadei (2), Krummenacher (2), Mantovani (1), Manfredi (1), and Granado (1). Torres and Garzo both took double podiums in Round XNUMX (French GP), Ferrari did it in Round XNUMX (Italian GP) and Torres did it again in Round XNUMX (German GP). One rider has the “Hat Trick” (Win, Pole, Fastest Lap): Ferrari at Le Mans.
At the Sachsenring, Hector Garzo achieved his first victory in MotoE after achieving five podiums over three seasons in the MotoGP electric series.
In 2023 ,the Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE team has five podiums followed by Felo Gresini MotoE™ and Openbank Aspar team with four podiums each.

VictoriesPole PositionsFastest Laps
Matteo FERRARI8Dominique AEGERTER (*)4Matteo FERRARI7
Dominique AEGERTER (*)5Jordi TORRES4Dominique AEGERTER (*)4
Jordi TORRES4Matteo FERRARI3Niki TUULI (*)3
Niki TUULI (*)2Miquel PONS1Mattia CASADEI1
Alessandro ZACCONE   1Fermin ALDEGUER (*)1Jordi TORRES1
Miquel PONS                  1Niki TUULI (*)1Kevin ZANNONI1
Andrea Mantovani1Alex DE ANGELIS (*)1Miquel PONS1
Hector Garzò1Mike DI MEGLIO (*)1Randy KRUMMENACHER1
Mike DI MEGLIO (*)1Alex DE ANGELIS (*)1
Mike DI MEGLIO (*)1
(*) Riders not participating in the MotoE 2023

Four riders have participated in all seasons of the MotoE: Matteo Ferrari (38 starts), Eric Granado (36), Mattia Casadei (37) and Maria Herrera (38). In 2023, seven new riders participate in the MotoGP electric class, five of whom are rookies: Tito Rabat, Luca Salvadori, Mika Perez, Nicholas Spinelli and Randy Krummenacher. The others have already participated in MotoE in the past: Alessandro Zaccone (2020-2021) and Andrea Mantovani (2021 and two races in 2022 to replace the injured Bradley Smith).
Granado and Ferrari are the only riders to have achieved a double victory in the same round. The Brazilian did it in the Spanish and Austrian GPs in 2022 and in Valencia in 2019, while the Italian in the San Marino GP in 2019.

Eric Granado is the most victorious driver in MotoE with 11 wins
Eric Granado is the most victorious rider in MotoE with 11 victories (photo: LCR)

The LCR E-Team is the only team that has had a one-two: in Race 2 at both the Spanish GP and in the Austrian GP in 2022. The Dynavolt Intact GP team MotoE has the most podiums (23), followed by Pons Racing 40 (17), Felo Gresini MotoE (17) and LCR E-Team (16).
The riders who achieved a “hat trick” (win, pole, fastest lap) in the same round were: Eric Granado (2019 Valencia GP, 2020 Spanish GP, 2021 Dutch GP, 2022 Austrian GP), Matteo Ferrari (2023 FrenchGP) , Mattia Casadei (2022 French GP), Dominique Aegerter (2022 Italian GP), Niki Tuuli (2019 German GP) and Mike Di Meglio (2019 Austrian GP).

The performance of the MotoE 2023

In the first two rounds of 2023, Ferrari broke the previous lap record by more than three seconds. It is remarkable that in both races of the French GP all the participants were faster than the previous lap record of the MotoE. Also, at the Sachsenring, the riders of MotoE were below the previous circuit record, albeit only by a few tenths.
In the first pre-season test, Granado was fastest and broke the official MotoE lap record by half a second in Jerez. In the second test, Granado was fastest again and lowered the official MotoE lap record by three seconds in Barcelona.
At Mugello, the MotoE set its new top-speed record: at the end of the main straight, Jordi Torres reached the speed of 281,9 km/h.
Here is some information on the Ducati V21L: the acceleration data were recorded during a start while the braking data are those recorded at the end of the main straight in Barcelona (turn 1).

Photos: www.MotoGP.com and Aspar Team

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