Aegerter vice-champion of the MotoE after the penalty for the clash with Torres

Aegerter vice-champion of the MotoE after the penalty for the clash with Torres
Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP)

Dominique Aegerter ends second his second season in the MotoE World Cup. After an intense duel with Jordi Torres, the Swiss passes first under the checkered flag but is penalized for overtaking against the Spaniard. The penalty costs him the first place in the championship.

For Dominique Aegerter and his team Dynavolt Intact GP these were long uncertain minutes, during which they did not know if they could enjoy the world title. After a risky attempt by Aegerter to overtake Torres, in the last corner of the final race of the MotoE World Cup in Misano, the race direction has decided to assign a penalty of 38 seconds on Aegerter for "irresponsible riding" after crossing the finish line in first place. The penalty cost Aegerter not only the race victory but also the world title.
The decision of the race direction moved Aegerter from first to twelfth in the race; the four points won were not enough to bridge the gap that separated him from Torres who thus confirmed himself as champion of the MotoE for the second consecutive year.
The penalty also allowed Matteo Ferrari, Mattia Casadei and Miquel Pons to get on the podium in the last race of the season.
The deeply disappointed Aegerter, after finishing third in the championship last season, tied for second place, has nevertheless been crowned this year's runner-up in the electric class. But it will take time before he and his German racing team can enjoy this success.

Dominique Aegerter
“I don't even know where to begin to explain what I'm feeling right now. We were fighting for the championship, we rode a strong season and of course, today I tried to win this championship. Unfortunately, I didn't have the best start today so was caught in a fight with Ferrari und Casadei for a lap or two but then I fought myself free and immediately started closing the gap. Within two laps I was right behind him and from the penultimate lap, I started attacking him. I passed him several times so he knew quite well that I was there. He also knew that even if I passed him, he'd still be World Champion. So in the last lap I overtook him twice and going into Turn 14, he knew I'd be coming from the inside just like in the previous laps and that I would brake later than him. He kept his line which resulted in touching my rear wheel and him crashing out of the race. Of course, I didn't mean for him to crash but I was on the inside line. When you look back at all the races, there were always huge battles in the last lap, many collisions. I apologized to him for the maneuver as I am a fair rider but we would have all risked it in order to win the title. The season is super short, the races are short so you have to push that limit constantly. The bike is heavy and not easy to brake. I didn't leave the track but yet, when I entered the Parc fermé, the race director gave me a 38 penalty which equals a ride-through-penalty. My team and I didn't understand this harsh decision so we went to Race Direction for an appeal but they were having none of it and so this penalty remained. I still finished second in the championship but I am of course not happy with their decision. I am super disappointed and can't really say much more at this point because it's devastating when a race and championship gets decided on a paper”.

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