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Aegerter ready for the final battle for the title of the MotoE

Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP)

Dominique Aegerter was the author of a compelling performance in the first race of the MotoE World Cup in Misano. The race was tense until the last lap, when Aegerted had to hand over the leadership of the race to Jordi Torres. Now the Swiss is second in the standings with 8 points to recover tomorrow in race two.

Unlike usual, the MotoE completed a 15-minute qualifying session on Saturday morning, in which the 18 riders had five laps to set their best time. The reason for the change was several interruptions due to red flags in the Moto3 class and the consequent delay on other sessions.
Dominique Aegerter's goal was to postpone the title decision to Sunday's grand finale, and he succeeded. The Swiss rider, fifth on the grid, moved up to third place behind Alessandro Zaccone and Hikaru Okubo immediately after the start. A few corners later, however, the other two riders crashed, ending up out of the race.

From that moment on, it was a thriller competition. The Dynavolt Intact GP team rider worked his way past Jordi Torres and Mattia Casadei to the lead, which he maintained despite the Spaniard's countless attacks. The victory would also have meant taking the lead in the world championship, but Eric Granado's crash at the last corner while trying to overtake the Swiss, he led him wide, making it easier for Torres to overtake. Aegerter managed to avoid crashing but lacked the momentum he needed on the straight to the finish line.
Jordi Torres finally won after a great battle, ahead of Dominique Aegerter and Mattia Casadei. Aegerter thus jumped from fourth place in the world championship to second, eight points behind the Spaniard Torres.
Green light on Sunday at 15:30 (local time) for the great finale of the season, decisive for the title.

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Dominique Aegerter
“It was an amazing race and I felt great already in the E-Pole. Even though I wasn’t the fastest, I knew I would have what it takes to fight at the front.
In the race, I pushed right from the start well knowing that we only have very few laps to get in front. I tried to close the gap immediately which worked well and for the most part of the race, I was in the leading position. It was far from easy to defend myself. The other riders were right behind me so I knew they were coming for me in the last lap. I tried everything in my power to cut off and close all the lines but I did not expect anyone to try and overtake in the last corner because I was already on the inside line. In the very last moments, I saw Granado coming from the inside too and crashing. I was super lucky to not crash myself but I hope he is fine. Still, it was a highly risky maneuver. Unfortunately, I missed the momentum coming out of that corner which helped Torres to pass me. I finished second in the end, taking crucial points for the championship with me. Tomorrow is the last race and I keep fighting for the championship as I expect the same hard battle again.
My team made a great effort to give me a perfect bike to be consistently fast. The battle was great and I hope to repeat it tomorrow. I am sure the fans here at the track and at home enjoyed this show, big thanks to my team and sponsors”.

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