Aegerter at Misano aims to increase the gap in the standings

Aegerter at Misano aims to increase the gap in the standings
Dominique Aegerter Dynavolt Intact GP

After a seven week break from MotoE, Dominique Aegerter, current leader of the World Cup with eleven points ahead, will face the next three races in Italy, at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. The Swiss driver has three races available in two consecutive weekends to consolidate his leadership and try to increase his lead in the standings.
The Dynavolt Intact GP rider had a first contact on the newly resurfaced Misano track last week, when he participated in an open track test on a superbike. During the long MotoE pause, Aegerter also had the chance to race in the last three Moto2 Grand Prixs replacing the injured Jesko Raffin, thus remaining mentally in "race mode".

Dominique Aegerter twice on the podium in Jerez

Dominique Aegerter
“I am looking forward to traveling to Misano after a seven-week MotoE break and racing with the Energica Ego Corsa again. I know the track well and last week I was here testing with a superbike, a Honda 1000cc. That helped me to get used to the track again in advance because with MotoE it will be the first time that I will ride there. Of course, those who competed in MotoE at Misano last year may have a small advantage, but to make up for that, I went testing last week. It's a really cool track and I have a lot of good memories, but also a few bad ones. I like the track a lot and I'm all the more delighted that 10.000 fans can come to the track again. We will again complete a tight program in these upcoming two weeks. On this first race weekend there will be one race and next weekend we will contest two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I'm happy, I'm also well prepared because I've trained a lot in the meantime. I'm physically and mentally fit. The fact that I was allowed to compete as a substitute rider in Moto2 in Brno and Spielberg helps, of course, because I haven't lost my riding experience. Otherwise, I'm of course happy to see the team, the entire Intact family, and our goal will be to be at the front in every practice session, to ride a strong E-Pole lap, to fight in the top group and of course, we also want to deliver a great show.”

At this link you can find the time schedule of the San Marino GP in Misano on next weekend.

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