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Dutch GP of the MotoE: Granado wins a race interrupted by the red flag

Granado wins Race 2 of the MotoE in Assen

Dutch GP of the MotoE - At Assen Granado wins race 2 interrupted due to the red flag caused by the accident between Pons and Alcoba. The race was stopped after three laps to allow doctors to rescue the LCR E-Team rider.

Dutch GP of the MotoE: Granado wins race 2 - At the Assen circuit, Eric Granado (LCR E-Team) won the second race of the Dutch GP of the MotoE World Cup 2022 reduced to just three laps due to the accident between Pons and Alcoba.
The start of the race had been delayed by 30 minutes due to a light rain that fell several times while the riders were ready to go. The race was declared wet and the number of laps had been reduced by two to allow the riders to familiarize with the new track conditions.

MotoE Dutch GP Assen 2022-75
Race 2 of the MotoE in Assen: Eric Granado and Miquel Pons

At the start of the six-lap race, Mattia Casadei was the fastest to take the lead followed by Aegerter, Ferrari, Granado and Garzò. In the first corners the fight between Ferrari and Aegerter begins immediately to gain second position and pursue Casadei. After some overtaking and counter-overtaking, Aegerter got the better of Ferrari. Behind them, meanwhile, Pons recovers a few positions until he reaches team mate Granado behind the first three riders.
Immediately at the start of the second lap it is Granado who attacks Ferrari and moves to third position. The Gresini team rider is forced to go wide and is also passed by Miquel Pons. The two riders of the LCR E-Team start a fight between them to conquer the third position behind Aegerter. Behind them we find Ferrari, Garzò, Alcoba, Canepa, Manfredi and Escrig. At the inlet to the last chicane, Granado is last on brakes and passes Aegerter to take second position.

Race 2 of the MotoE in Assen: Eric Granado and Mattia Casadei

On the straight of the finish line, the Brazilian rider takes the slipstream of Casadei and passes him in the braking of turn 1, taking the lead in the race.
Meanwhile, a light rain falls again on the track, causing Miquel Pons to slip out of turn 5. The Spaniard crashed and is hit in the back by Marc Alcoba who was following him closely. Alcoba gets up and rejoins the track while the medical team come to rescue Pons.
The race continues and at turn 16 Aegerter overtakes Casadei and goes behind Granado.
A few seconds later the race was interrupted by the red flag to allow doctors to help Pons. The LCR E-Team rider is conscious and is taken to the medical center.

Italian GP of the MotoE Aegerter wins
Dutch GP of the MotoE: Dominique Aegerter remains leader of the standings

The race is declared over after only three laps and half of the points are awarded. The Brazilian rider is thus first at the finish line followed by Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE) and by Mattia Casadei (Pons Racing 40). Behind them, Matteo Ferrari, Niccolò Canepa and Alex Escric, best rookie of the race. In the Top 10: Kevin Manfredi, Maria Herrera, Kevin Zannoni and Hector Garzò.
For Eric Granado it is the third win of the season which allows him to slightly reduce the gap in the general classification from Dominique Aegerter.

Ranking infographics MotoE after the Dutch GP

Below is the final order of arrival of Race 2 of the MotoE in Assen:

POS. N. Nat. Rider Team Time Gap
1 51 Eric GRANADO LCR E-Team 5,21.094
2 77 Dominique AEGERTER Dynavolt Intact GP 5,21.364 0,270
3 27 Mattia CASADEI Pons Racing 40 5,21.650 0,556
4 11 Matteo FERRARI FELO Gresini MotoE 5,21.740 0,646
5 7 Niccolo CANEPA WithU GRT RNF MotoE Team 5,23.878 2,784
6 17 Alex ESCRIG Tech 3 E-racing 5,23.899 2,805
7 34 Kevin MANFREDI OCTO PRAMAC MotoE 5,24.845 3,751
8 6 Maria HERRERA Zinia Aspar Team 5,25.237 4,143
9 21 Kevin ZANNONI Ongetta Sic58 Squadra Corse 5,25.310 4,216
10 4 Hector GARZO Tech3 E-Racing 5,26.613 5,519
11 78 Hikari OKUBO Avant Ajo MotoE 5,31.037 9,943
12 72 Alessio FINELLO FELO Gresini MotoE 5,31.188 10,094
13 70 Marc ALCOBA Zinia Aspar Team 3,37.292 1,000
14 10 Unai HORRADRE Avintia Esponsorama Team 3,47.089 1,000
15 12 Xavi FORES OCTO Pramac MotoE 3,54.322 1,000
16 40 Jordi TORRES Pons Racing 40 3,58.435 1,000
17 38 Bradley SMITH WithU GRT RNF MotoE Team 4,03.713 1,000
nd 71 Miquel PONS LCR E-Team 3,51.035 0,000

The next round of the MotoE World Cup is after the summer break, from August 19th to 21st, on the Austrian Red Bull Ring track.

Photos: motogp.com and Michelin Motorsport

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