5 questions to Manuel Poggiali

5 questions to Manuel Poggiali

When he was eight, he said he wanted to be a motorcycle rider; at nine it was; at 18 he won the world title in 125, at 20 he won the 250 title at the first attempt. In those years many compared him to Valentino Rossi and, in fact, he is 35 years old and is still here. But since, as he says, "everyone has his own life and not all of us have the same path", his way of staying in the world of motorcycles is entirely distinguishing: he brought him to know the Superbike and the Endurance races as a rider and today, with the new maturity that has made it "more rational", comes the first experience as a "coach" in MotoE.

1 - What is your task in the Gresini team?
The role of coach is only part of my job at Gresini Racing team. The other, perhaps even more important, is to help Fausto in the management of the sporting issues of the entire team, therefore also in the MotoE. I offer my experience as a former rider to stay along the track and to identify everything that can be improved, even analysing the competitors. I think it's a very important job: we gather a huge number of data.

Manuel Poggiali and Matteo Ferrari in the box of Trentino Gresini MotoE team

2 - With the team of MotoE, what work did you do in these months?
I would say that the work done by the whole team was good, given that Ferrari is running for the title and Savadori is growing more and more. But we are not satisfied: the best would be to have both riders in the top positions, because this is what a team structured like ours must have as a target.
From a technical point of view, the work is partly limited by the fact that there is little rotation and not many tests are carried out. Everything else is constantly evolving! We are working step by step, race after race, trying to improve for the next appointment. The method, since the beginning of the year, has always and only been this: never feeling like you've arrived. Even now, despite reaching the last race from the top of the standings, we are preparing it like all the others: striving to be competitive and fast. We will make calculations only if it is necessary.

3 - What is the level of confidence that riders have reached with this bike?
To date I would say good, about 80 percent. I notice that these riders, and I mean the whole grid, are constantly improving their performance. The riders will be the ones to give the most precious indications for the development of the bike for next year, which from my point of view should find the perfect balance between weight, duration and consistency of the batteries.

Manuel Poggiali celebrates the victory of one of his drivers at the San Marino GP

4 - What are the most interesting things you've observed in the other riders and which ones have surprised you the most?
With Matteo and Lorenzo we are working a lot on the interpretation of the various riding phases and on the uses of the controls: those who do better than us are to be studied and analyzed to allow us to constantly improve. During the season we took many notes that we will need for the final phase.

5 - At the end of the first World Cup edition, what do you think of the MotoE?
I think it's an interesting class! To date it is very very young and with enormous areas for improvement. An integral part of the category is the E-Pole formula, which I personally consider a real show!