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10 cheap electric scooters to buy in 2022 / SUPER SOCO CUx

Economic electric scooters 2022: ten of the most interesting models of economic zero-emission electric scooters that can be purchased also taking advantage of the 2022 incentives for electric motorcycles.


The CUx scooter is one of the Super Soco models equivalent to a 50cc designed specifically to move comfortably in an urban environment. The CUx motor is a 1600 Watt Bosch unit installed in the rear wheel of the vehicle for a maximum speed of 45 km / h. The autonomy is about 75 km; the overall charging time is 8 hours but can drop to 3 and a half hours with fast charging. The batteries can be removed from the scooter to be recharged from a normal household socket.
The list price starts at 3.140 euros including a free GIVI helmet. With the eco-bonus you can buy, with scrapping, starting from 2.110 euros.
More details on: https://it.vmotosoco.com/

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